Emergence, An Altar/Altar is both a prayer and a scream. There’s a journey through the symbolism. Portraits of 7 Goddesses to guide us to recreate our now/future, 3 sacred trees I met, Frida Kahlo/the brave artist, Breonna Taylor/sweet daughter justice, the Phoenix, burn down/rise up, Monarchs. How will you emerge? How will we emerge?

This pandemic painting is done. Portraits of 7 Goddesses, Frida Kahlo/the brave artist, and Breonna Taylor/sweet daughter justice to guide us to recreate our now/future. 3 sacred trees I met, the Phoenix, burn down/rise up, Monarch butterflies. How will you emerge? 

How will we emerge?

Sacred Roots/Roots Song speaks to the sacred stories of survival, syncretism, DNA, Magic, and Power. From the transatlantic slave trade to the daily misogynist and sexist injustices, she exists through the glory of creation, be it birthing new generations, or birthing dreams and voice through the arts and song. The image embedded is of Doreen Ketchens, a dynamic New Orleans street musician who fully embodies this beauty.

We Are Without Knowing Who We Are references the sacred stories of Mother Earth, women’s DNA, magic, survival, roots, migration, interconnectedness, and power.

So many references informed this art: Exhibit/book Mami Wata, Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its diaspora, National Museum of African Art, 2009, Syncretism Exhibit at Museo Larco, Lima, Peru, YeMaYa parade, 2nd line and ceremony Lower 9th ward, NOLA, 2016, Robert Glasper at the Reach 2019 (where the title came from), BLKNWS by Kahlil Joseph, Ghana Pavilion, Venice biennale 2019, International Monarch rescue, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe, epigenetics, trauma, embodiment, creating healing spaces through the arts, Osugbo Nigerian Village, permaculture, and most importantly HEALING LOVE.

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